At Spiromics we develop a breath-based, population screening platform for early detection of lung cancer. Lung cancer is mostly detected when it is too late for effective treatment. Survival rates drop from 75% when timely detected to a dire 5% at advanced stages. Lung cancer is called a ‘silent killer’ as it typically develops without noticeable symptoms in the early stages. Screening programs for colorectal cancer and cervical cancer are already common practice in many countries. For lung cancer this is still an unmet need and Spiromics aims to fill that gap.


We devised a breath sampling device which allows to collect the biomolecules contained in exhaled breath on a special proprietary filter while breathing normally. These biomolecules reflect the health state of the lungs. Using sensitive analytics, the outcome can be compared with a lung cancer profile that is indicative for (early stage) lung cancer. The impact of our innovative approach could be huge, saving millions of lives. Our low costs, non-invasive platform technology also holds significant potential for early stage detection of other lung diseases and cancer types.


With every breath you exhale tiny invisible droplets that originate from the deep lung. These droplets contain many different biomolecules such as proteins and DNA that tell something about the biology in the lungs, including disease processes. Detecting these biomolecules has proven extremely difficult. With our technology we will be the first to detect these biomolecules reliably and use ‘omics’ approaches to discover which of the exhaled biomolecules are most informative about the presence of disease. Our approach is unique in the breath-analysis field.

For information please contact g.scheefhals@spiromicsdx.com